HR management

HR Management 

We assist companies to manage their teams of employees, outsourcing the complete management of HR, paying salaries, preparing payroll receipts and comprehensively managing the company's relations with Social Security.

We have extensive experience assisting subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies in Spain, particularly in the new technologies, IT and consultancy industries.

We also regularly handle expatriate employees from outside the European Union or a member state.

Company registration with Social Security

We represent our clients to carry out the necessary procedures to proceed with the hiring of labor personnel, which requires the prior registration and registration of the Company with Social Security, as well as proceeding with the communication of the opening of the work center before the labor authority.

Once the company is registered with the labor authorities, the occupational risk prevention plan must be drawn up, as well as ensuring compliance with the regulations on the protection of personal data regarding employees.

Employee recruitment

We assist our clients to formalize employment contracts, applying current legislation and the applicable collective agreement based on the activity of the company and the territorial scope of activity of the company.

We advise our clients to incorporate pacts and agreements, in accordance with the legislation, regarding common actions in the development of the company's activity.

Payroll - Payroll processing

We settle monthly the salaries of the employees, applying the legislation and the collective agreement, applying the new legislation and keeping the calculation of withholdings updated, both for resident workers and in the case of expatriates, workers not resident in national territory or whose liquidation requires the application of an agreement to avoid double taxation.

Financial reports.

At the end of the monthly, quarterly and annual period, we provide an updated report on salary and social security costs related to the employees registered in the period, which allows its integration with the financial area of our clients, whether they are assisted in that area by our professionals as if they develop these activities internally.

And forget the rest

The service extends to all other procedures related to labor management, relating to the employee and the company, from the employee's registration with social security, communication of the contract, management of registration situations, calculation of compensation, representation before the Service of Mediation, courts, labor or tax inspection, as well as representation in collective negotiations. 

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